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The Underwater Project Book

Probably most of you have already heard about The Underwater Project. If not it’s not very hard to judge by the name what it’s all about. Mark Tipple captures underwater images of surfers, bodyboarders and waves. His photos are simply stunning. You can find out more about it at

Recently he released fine art book that showcases two years of his award winning work.

The book contains 32 individual frame-able prints. Limited to 250 handmade books, each is individually numbered and signed by Mark.

“I’ve been thinking of making a book for some time now. I had a designer lined up to make a pdf version last year, thinking of chronicling the past 18 months of shooting and making it this huge thing, but it didn’t feel right. I looked into the online printing options, was looking pretty sweet, but it still didn’t feel right. A few photographers nearby were flying overseas to print their books, and while it seemed glamorous … it still didn’t feel right.

The past month of research and tests have led to this concept, a handmade fine art book, the product I can not only put my name to but that I can say it contains my blood, sweat, and breath holds; a labour of love.”

The Underwater Project Book from Mark Tipple on Vimeo.

Yo can buy it online at
32 Giclee prints on 235gsm matte archival paper.
Portfolio screw bound; each print can be removed and framed.
Individually signed and numbered

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