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Liptrip Epsiode 3 – Macedonia

This time Liptrip Series takes us us to Popova Shapka in Macedonia. Chasing powder in the Balkan looks so awesome! Enjoy!

Featuring Ana Rumiha, Basa Stevulova, Julia Baumgartner & Conny Bleicher, as well as Carlos Blanchard

Filmed and edited by Rene Gallo

Motion graphics by Sandra Kovacic

Music: Trouble Andrew “Global Trouble”

HIKE3 – Teaser

Austrian filmmakers Illuminati have recently released the teaser for their new film “Hike3″.

It sees riders including Mitch Toelderer, Stefan Häusl and Bibi Pekarek spurn their home mountains and head to Norway in search of some powder.

Without lifts, snowmobiles or helicopters, the groups hiked all their own lines in the dramatic coastal scenery.

“The mountains up there are insane, some of them stick right out of the ocean and are about 2000m high. It can be quite a mission to reach the lines you want to ride so beside some experience and knowledge, it’s good to bring everything you need for exploring. As days get longer and longer so far north, once we had our last run at 10pm before getting up at sunrise at 3am to hike up for our next mission!”

Rip Curl “Gum”

This is the teaser to the Rip Curl “Gum” snow series.

It features riding from the likes of Victor De Le Rue, Janne Lipsanen and Elias Elhardt as they search far afield for snow after a very bad European winter.

Such ‘discoveries’ include Japanese hot springs, Canadian wilderness and barbeques in the Andes.

But most impress is the use of bullet time to capture some backcountry powder slashes and handplants.

Stay tuned!

“5 More Minutes…Please?!” snowboard movie

“5 more minutes…please?!” is the first movie of Lipstick Productions. A European all female snowboard movie. Best European female riders in a hilarious movie about the joy of snowboarding outlining the challenge which comes along in being a professional athlete. One of the highlight is the trip to Turkey where snowboarding and cultural diversities find a very amusing coalition.

The phenomenal female cast
; including Aimee Fuller, Ana Rumiha, Aline Bock, Tini Gruber, Julia Baumgartner, Margot Rozies, Urska Pribosic, Basa Stevulova, Jenny Jones, Lisa Filzmoser, Vera Janssen, Conny Bleicher, Sina Candrian, Diana Sadlowski, Tania Detomas and some more; take the female sport to new limits.

A film by: Sophie Morawetz

Produced by: Conny Bleicher

Cheryl Maas’s Open Air Episode 2

Following up from episode 1 of Cheryl Mass’s web series, Open Air, the second installment documents the epic trip she took to Silverton, Colorado, with Kimmy Fasani and Hana Beaman. In short, the girls smashed it.

The ante gets upped in Open Air episode 2, as Cheryl and her filmer hit up Silverton and its San Juan mountains. They couldn’t have timed their trip any better – after a heavy dump the weather switched to bluebird for almost the entire duration allowing Maas, Fasani and Beaman to rip pow lines and put down some full-on legit kicker riding. Hell, Kimmy and Cheryl even managed to stomp their first double backflips…

In Cheryl’s words this was “The best trip in my snowboarding career so far.” Coming from someone who’s done her fair share, you know this is gonna be awesome!

“Better daze” K2 Snowboarding video

K2 Snowboarding have just released a teaser to their new web series “Better Daze”

It follows the Canadian snow team including Jake Kuzyk, Matt Belzile and Steve Cartwright accompanied by filmer Nate Laverty as they venture into the backcountry to shoot video parts.

As well as documenting the nomadic life of a pro snowboarder, it will also be a showcase from the epic British Columbia interior!

“Loveolution 3″ teaser

Ethical snow and skate company Love Distribution have just released the teaser for their new film, Loveolution 3.

It features snowboarding from the Love team including Marc Swoboda, Gulli Gudmundsson and Seppi Schöller accompanied by the comedy skits.

This sequel looks to take on something of a murder mystery with high melodrama to set off the urban jibbing nicely and proving that “low budget does not mean low fun!”