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Blickinsfreie ‘At Equlibrium’ documentary

AT EQUILIBRIUM presented by RIPZONE EUROPE and BIGAIRBAG is the newest film of Blickinsfreie´s eastern European snowboard documentaries.

After “Poland – A snowboard documentary”, “Slovakia “A true movie about snowboarding” and last years highlight “From Romania with Love” this documentary deals with the passionate people developing snowboarding in Bulgaria. Each one of those movies has it’s own direction, it’s own heroes who may not necessarily be known to a larger audience but that all creates our common history.

AT EQUILIBRIUM makes clear that we are all one big family with every little part worth to get to know.

Take a look at a few photos shot while the movie was in the making and watch the trailer on blickinsfreie.de

The movie will be available for download in HD at the end of December.