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Northern Flats

Have a look at this epic short movie of the Longboard Girls Crew Helsinki called Northern Flats!
The film was mainly shot in the capital region of Helsinki and the first and foremost purpose was to present girls’ longboarding and Helsinki’s rich street culture and great locations – not really the traditional downhill bombing.

Casting | Longboard Girls Helsinki
In Cooperation with | Plum Longboards
Blog |
Music | Josh Woordward – Cherubs & Adventures of The Deaf Dreamer, Wind Whistles – Turtle, Tuomas Heikkilä ja Rappakalja – Juhannuspolkka
Production Assistants | Noora Siljander, Matias Ruusunen
Photography | Kea Soza
Sound Designer | Tuukka “Katuhaukka” Nikkilä
Director/Producer | Marinella Ruusunen

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