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OPEN- lgc skates Israel

Two years after the “Endless Roads” project which reached over 3.000.000 views; Longboard Girls Crew is hitting the road again and starting a new adventure that will be documented as a full-length movie called “Open” directed by Daniel Etura. It will feature a diverse group of 14 female longboarders from 11 different countries that got together to ride in Israel. Continue reading

“Underexposed” A women’s skateboarding documentary

Independent filmmaker Amelia Brodka has released this teaser for her documentary Underexposed – about women’s skateboarding and the skate industry’s approach to female skateboarders – due out late August, 2012.

Brodka has interviewed many of the key players in women’s skateboarding and the wider industry including the likes of Mimi Knoop and Ed Templeton, who turned Elissa Steamer pro at Toy Machine.

The doc is currently touring the US but you can follow the Underexposed Doc Facebook page to find a screening near you.

UNDEREXPOSED trailer from Amelia Brodka on Vimeo.

Music: “Clubbin” by Ella Riot ( )
Skaters: (in order of appearance) Amelia Brodka, Nora Vasconcellos, Allysha Bergado, Leticia Bufoni, Julz Lynn, Alexis Sablone, Gaby Ponce, CB Burnside, Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins, Lizzie Armanto, Eliana Sosco, Jen O’Brien.
Appearances by: Gary Ream, Elise Dabby, Niki Williams, Mimi Knoop and Anita Foroughi.
Video by: Amelia Brodka and Brian Lynch with contributions by Lisa Whittaker and Julian Bleecker.

More info:

Northern Flats

Have a look at this epic short movie of the Longboard Girls Crew Helsinki called Northern Flats!
The film was mainly shot in the capital region of Helsinki and the first and foremost purpose was to present girls’ longboarding and Helsinki’s rich street culture and great locations – not really the traditional downhill bombing.

Casting | Longboard Girls Helsinki
In Cooperation with | Plum Longboards
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Music | Josh Woordward – Cherubs & Adventures of The Deaf Dreamer, Wind Whistles – Turtle, Tuomas Heikkilä ja Rappakalja – Juhannuspolkka
Production Assistants | Noora Siljander, Matias Ruusunen
Photography | Kea Soza
Sound Designer | Tuukka “Katuhaukka” Nikkilä
Director/Producer | Marinella Ruusunen

Endless Roads 4 – Costa da Morte

In this last chapter Longboard Girls Crew travel up north to Galicia’s Costa da Morte (coast of death), name given to the area in 1920 due to its treacherous rocky shores, full of cliffs and battered by brave storms. Land of massive green landscapes, filled with legends and tradition. After the night spent in Art Surf Camp in Razo, the girls later join A Coruña local skaters for a day cruising.

A girl’s idea of fun!

Take a moment to watch this short skateboarding video of Hellen dos Santos riding through São Paulo, Brazil. Hellen has been training really hard for last seven months, we are really proud of what she achieved! The song is called “Nomad by Fate” by Chuck Ragan. Perfect tune for this little edit. Enjoy!

OFFLINE – Barcelona Longboard girls

“Offline” is a short film created by Ángel Ruiz and Christian Martín Rosillo and produced by Rippingmag. This video depicts Marina Pérez‘s reaction to a fail in her Internet connection while working on some posts in an intense manner. Marina, who works for Rippingmag while being a passionate longboarder, decides to forget about all troubles and sets off with her longboard to the streets of Barcelona. While burning the city with the rubber of her wheels, she recieves the visit of one of her close friends, Cristina Mandarina. Have a look and enjoy!