October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month

Have a look at this short movie created by B4BC to celebrate October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world and to spread the word about breast cancer.

The Be Healthy. Get Active. Ride! campaign, featuring B4BC’s Team Riders, was created to encourage girls and guys everywhere to get out and ride in support of B4BC’s mission to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Studies show that poor diet and lack of exercise can increase the risk for breast cancer and other chronic diseases, so B4BC aims to inspire girls to take charge of their health and participate in board sports and other fun outlets for prevention.

To learn more about B4BC and their mission visit b4bc.org
Early detection + Active lifestyle = Best prevention

Surf: Courtney Conlogue and Sage Erickson
Skate: Mimi Knoop and Allysha Bergado
Snow: Elena Hight and Hana Beaman

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