Customize your surfboard with Posca markers


Hit the waves in style this summer and customise your board with POSCA marker pens! The wide range of vibrant colours enables you to create any pattern or drawing that comes to your mind and makes your beloved board a unique piece of art.

Terry Keating, a graphic artist for leading international clothing and accessories company Quiksilver, is a POSCA enthusiast: “When designing a custom surfboard for my niece, POSCA was incredibly easy to use. Thanks to its waterproof qualities, they were the first and only choice for creating board art that would withstand the pressures of the water.


So get creative and design you own unique design for this summer!

2 thoughts on “Customize your surfboard with Posca markers

  1. Drake

    hey i just tried our posca markers on a board of mine but when it dried (which took about 10 minutes), it just rubbed off when anything touched it… is there anything special that i have to do to get the markers to work? is it because my board was made with polyester resin?

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