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Girls Girls Girls

Girls Girls Girls (0)

April 28, 2013 • Category: Surf

This short film tells a story of three friends Amanda Chinchelli, Betta Dal Bello, and Natalia Resmini, a fashion designer, a stylist, and an illustrator. They are friends and fellow surfers and they live their lives with passion. Three different styles, perfectly blended, traveling between waves with thoughts on friendship, freedom, and future. ▶ Directed [...]

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Girls Girls Girls


OPEN- lgc skates Israel (0)

OPEN- lgc skates Israel

Two years after the “Endless Roads” project which reached over 3.000.000 views; Longboard Girls Crew is hitting the road again and starting a new adventure that will be documented as a full-length movie called “Open” directed by Daniel Etura. It will feature a diverse group of 14 female longboarders from 11 different countries that got [...]

    10 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint (0)

    10 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

    Of course it is almost impossible to entirely cut the use of plastic out of your life but there are several ways to reduce it.

    “Underexposed” A women’s skateboarding documentary (0)

    “Underexposed” A women’s skateboarding documentary

    Independent filmmaker Amelia Brodka has released this teaser for her documentary Underexposed – about women’s skateboarding and the skate industry’s approach to female skateboarders – due out late August, 2012.

    Northern Flats (0)

    Northern Flats

    The film is a cheerful declaration of girls’ longboarding and brings out the most fabulous scenery and rich street culture of Helsinki.

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Fashion & Gear»



There are people who love all the seasons and there are those who could live an endless summer. Here’s something to brighten up your autumn days: RVCA x SurferxBlood Spring Collection for 2013! This past summer RVCA & SurferxBlood teamed up to throw an event show casing RVCA’s 2012 Fall & Winter collection with a [...]

    My Bikini by Rip Curl (0)

    My Bikini by Rip Curl

    This is a video of 2012 Global Spring and Summer bikinis collection that was shot in the beautiful surrounds of Namotu Island, Fiji.

    Billabong Girls Winter 12/13 Collection (0)

    Billabong Girls Winter 12/13 Collection

    The Billabong Girls Winter 12 Collection tackles winter with a fun and free energy. Want to be cocooned in earhty tones, swaddled in sea of sophisticated warmth? Check it out now, it looks absolutely fabulous and makes you wish for colder days to come soon!

    Alopé Surfwear (0)

    Alopé Surfwear

    Alopé is a new uber stylish swimwear brand from Australia. Alopé pronounced (Alopay) is a mortal Greek Sea Goddess in Greek mythology

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Art & Travel»

To see time (0)

To see time

“To see time” is one of the most amazing short movies we have seen recently.

    Brian Bielmann at TEDxHonolulu (0)

    Brian Bielmann at TEDxHonolulu

    Brian Bielmann is a professional surf Photographer. He traveled around the globe with many of the world’s best surfers such as Bruce and Andy Irons, Kelly Slater and Maya Gabeira.

    October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month (0)

    October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month

    Have a look at this short movie created by B4BC to celebrate October as Breast Cancer Awarness Month around the world and to spread the word about breast cancer.

    The Underwater Project Book (0)

    The Underwater Project Book

    The Underwater Project Book contains 32 individual frame-able prints. Limited to 250 handmade books, each is individually numbered and signed by Mark Tipple.

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